After establishing my new base of operations in Hanoi, I returned to London for several months a year to continue producing prints, books and folios.

In ‘The Anatomy of Restlessness’ Bruce Chatwin set out his main thesis concerning the juxtaposition of the city dweller and the traveller, the nomad and the collector. He was drawn to the conclusion that the traveller, whether Bedouin, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Gypsy or ‘Gentleman of the Road’ stayed constantly on the move and travelled light, due to necessity. Enter the itinerate printmaker…

Gathered over several years, my Vandercook SP20 letterpress and related type and machinery were not built for mobility. However I have moved this equipment from studio to workshop many times… through necessity, and finally across the English Channel to France.
A few years ago I managed to acquire an unwanted factory building in a small village called Plaisance du Gers in South West France. This is now the home of the Kamikaze Press. Although it continues to be a work in progress, my aim is to transform this building into… An educational workspace on the anarchic edge of ‘experimental’ printmaking.