The book was printed using large headline wood-type in red and blue, dusted with silver powder on ‘Bread and Butter’ (270 gsm) paper.
Additional type set in Helvetica. A concertina style book with the signature ANTICHRIST set in Rockwell lengthwise down the spine and across the folds. 7 x 9 in, 175 x 225 mm extending to 52 x 9 in, 1300 x 225 mm. Case-bound in an edition of 30. Original ANTICHRIST Photograph by Peter Grant.

The street vernacular contained in this book relates to a certain time and place located in the early 1990’s and collected while I was working for the St Mungo’s Association. Blue Grenade refers to Tennents Super lager, Bullring Box-up was a toxic cocktail made up of waste alcohol including after-shave and hair spray, mixed in a gallon plastic container, shaken and passed around. The Bullring was a large, homeless settlement underneath the Waterloo roundabout in London. Jack or Blue is undiluted Methylated Spirit. Shed Shot – an adjective describing oblivion, provided in many different ways. The photograph of Charlie Jnr. the self-named ANTICHRIST passed out after Huffing Glue, bag still in hand, a Christ-like symbol of dereliction and decay. ‘I am the Antichrist!‘ he would boom. BUST is an invocation of the lost and dispossessed falling between the covers of the book in a chaotic barrage of language.