BOLT 117


Sheet size 19 x 26 in, 480 x 660 mm 12 posters, printed on Heritage 200gsm using various ornamental and headline wood-typefaces, circular saw blades and woodcut blocks.
In an edition of 30.


‘Simon Redington’s print suite entitled ‘BOLT-117 Weapons of Civilization’ refers to the code name given to the original ‘Smart Bomb’. In this work he uses processes long associated with the politics of protest: letterpress and woodcut. The posters have the bold concision and brilliance of Expressionist art, the rough edges, grain, blots and blends of proper printmaking. Yes, they are art-politico pieces in a grand tradition. As interesting, however, is how this work has taken style cues, both graphic and textural, from everyday idioms of corporate advertising and sloganeering, evangelical church posters, even tattoos. For one of the strategies Redington adopts in his campaign against moral turpitude is absurdism. How dopey, he asks the viewer, does a statement have to be before it inspires laughter and derision rather than compliance? When one attaches the whimsical certainties of the church poster or the insinuating folksiness of the corporate slogan to a poster in praise of a bomb or the West’s absolute right to oil, what ideas do these car-crash fusions produce in the viewer’s mind? Not comfortable ones, Redington hopes, though the tone is often embattled and despairing; it is not clear whether good will out. The work looks to offer a call to arms from an artist whose starting points have often seemed to be political, but is too adventurous to be contained.’

Mike Sims Printmaking Today 2008